U3 Studio is a design strategy practice that works with academic and medical institutions along with their host cities to align research, innovation, and economic development goals in a shared vision for urban revitalization and city district building.

At U3 Studio, we share a passion for tackling critical urban challenges through strategic design vision and creative implementation solutions. We admire the soaring aspirations of our institutional clients yet understand the complexity of the cities that host them. Together we strive to advance the academic, innovation, and community building objectives of urban anchors with compelling place making vision and achievable implementation strategies.

The University of Nevada, Reno’s new Gateway District is a crossroads where University meets the City.

We work primarily with anchor institutions that aspire to improve the physical, social, and economic conditions of their host cities and local neighborhoods.

We leverage the expertise of U3 Advisors, supporting the creation of innovative real estate and economic development strategies by designing and visualizing the environments that will support them.

University of Toledo’s Gateway becomes an important mixed use student destination.

A Mobility Hub in Union Square, Somerville is a community crossroads.

At U3 Studio we are not afraid to test new ideas and challenge conventional approaches to campus and urban development.

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