University of Nevada, Reno

UNR Facilities Master Plan and Gateway District Master Plan


  • Van Woert Bigotti Architects
  • Robert Sabbatini, AICP

Facilities Master Plan - 2014
Gateway District Development Plan - 2015

An enduring partnership between the City of Reno and the University of Nevada has produced a future-looking design and implementation strategy for weaving the UNR Campus together with the Downtown.

In 2014, Corneil Collaborative teamed with U3 Advisors, VWB Architects, and Robert Sabbatini to develop a facilities master plan for the University of Nevada, Reno. The master plan involved an extensive university stakeholder involvement process and the coordination and alignment of the plan with the academic strategic plan that was underway concurrently.

The project resulted in a strategic investment plan for capital improvements in learning spaces and research environments across campus and the establishment of a “town-gown” mixed-use district concept at the edge of the campus adjacent to the Downtown.

While this project was underway, the University also engaged the team to undertake a master plan for 15 acres of land that sits between the university and Downtown Reno as a mixed use innovation district with academic, research, housing, student amenities and technology businesses.

The plan defines the district’s building program, urban design framework, network of public spaces and the pedestrian and transportation system that will stitch the university together with the city. The plan also lays out a market and real estate strategy for building a mix of student housing, academic facilities and campus amenities in the new UNR Gateway District.