University of Toledo Foundation

University of Toledo Campus Edge Development Vision for Dorr and Secor


  • U3 Advisors
  • Corneil Collaborative

May 2017

The UT Gateway can catalyze the regeneration of the Dorr Street mixed-use corridor where students, faculty, staff and Toledo residents can find retail and other amenities including off-campus student and faculty housing nestled amongst a pedestrian friendly cluster of active courtyards and tree-lined pathways.

U3 Advisors was engaged by the University of Toledo Foundation in 2016 to forge a cohesive anchor strategy. Faced with stagnating enrollment numbers and underutilized assets, the University and Foundation sought ways to work together to enhance the on- and off-campus quality of life for faculty and students, unlock economic opportunities, and develop more vibrant campus edges to create a college town character.

In 2017, U3 Advisors and Corneil Collaborative worked with the UT Foundation and UT Executive to develop a shared vision and an implementation approach for new student housing, active ground floor uses and student amenities in a cluster of dense pedestrian development at the corner of Dorr Street and Secor Avenue. The plan lays out the physical framework and program for new mixed use and housing adjacent to the existing Gateway project. Based on an assessment of current university need and market potential, a phased implementation strategy to attract and retain a development partner.