University of Massachusetts, Amherst and Town of Amherst

University of Massachusetts, Amherst and Town of Amherst


  • U3 Advisors
  • Corneil Collaborative
  • Cecil Group

October 2014

The University of Massachusetts and the Town of Amherst share a common purpose to create a sustainable economic future and a livable community. A student housing strategy that incorporates facilities for innovation and entrepreneurs will bring students, faculty and residents together and bridge the divide between campus and town.

In the Town of Amherst, MA — home to the State’s flagship research institution, University of Massachusetts, Amherst — housing, quality of life, and economic development are all inextricably linked. In 2014, the Town Gown Committee engaged U3 Advisors in collaboration with Corneil Collaborative to develop a strategic approach to off-campus student housing and to promote economic development in the Town and in the Region.

The study involved identifying potential development sites and a mixed-use program to address housing and workspace needs and to better connect the campus with the town center. The study identified the potential for public/private partnerships to improve housing options and establish an “innovation” ecosystem along Mass Ave and North Pleasant Street. Various design alternatives, real estate options, and program strategies were developed for discussion among a broad group of university and town stakeholders as well as with the Town Gown Committee. As a result of the study, the Committee officially launched the University – Town of Amherst Collaborative.