Audi/Somerville Urban Partnership


  • Parsons Consulting, Somerville MA
  • Urban Standards AG, Munich, Germany
  • Certain Measures, Cambridge MA


U3 Studio, its’ European partners, and Audi are exploring the urban planning and real estate strategy implications of autonomous vehicles and new mobility services in cities.

Somerville, through its’ partnership with Audi, is pursuing an integrated city-wide mobility strategy that anticipates future technological and systemic change. The City is undergoing transformations that it has not seen in half a Century.

Unprecedented new development, the construction of the MBTA’s Green Line extension, shifts in demographics to a younger more diverse population, and an evolution from a residential city to a bustling jobs center for new economy workers. To meet the demands for growth and transformation, Somerville must address its transportation and access challenges with bold new approaches to infrastructure and services.

Corneil Collaborative has been working as part of an expert team of consultants from Europe and the US that is helping Audi develop a strategy and approach to the future of mobility in cities since 2014. The Somerville/Audi partnership has continued to evolve and in 2017, U3 Studio has been engaged to provide strategic planning, design and development expertise.

U3 Studio will play a critical role in supporting Audi and the City of Somerville as they seek to reinvent urban mobility, embrace new technologies and unconventional approaches to building, maintaining, and operating an integrated, real-time mobility system in the City.