Innovation Districts

U3 Studio has developed an approach to “Innovation District Strategy” that is grounded in a deep understanding of the existing programmatic, physical, and implementation conditions of cities. We facilitate the process for our clients to reshape their research, development and commercialization strategy and explore new possibilities for collaboration, entrepreneurship, and innovation.
Building an “Innovation Platform” is a disruptive process of self-reflection on the part of a university and it’s partners. Planning an “Innovation District” requires a complex understanding of the interdependencies between people, programs, and places in the “innovation ecosystem” that breaks down barriers to invention, entrepreneurship and collaboration. U3 Studio is focused on bringing new and unique models of campus, economic and urban development to fruition, thus our passion for Innovation District Strategy.

Oakville Innovation District

Mobility Revolution

Experts predict that autonomous technologies and trends towards shared services will dramatically disrupt the status quo of urban mobility by 2025. U3 Studio is currently working with Audi in partnership with the City of Somerville to plan and implement a mobility strategy that integrates on-demand services and explores the urban development implications of autonomous vehicles, piloted parking and new mobility services.

Audi/Somerville Urban Partnership

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